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Permeable Pavers

You may be asking yourself, "what are permeable pavers?" Don't worry, you are not alone. Most people feel just as you do. That's what we are here for, to educate you on the importance of this sustainable system. They serve a very important function in Storm Water Management. Permeable pavers are very similar to traditional pavers with one big difference. Traditional pavers allow very little infiltration whereas permeable pavers allow storm water and runoff to infiltrate back down into the ground. Thus regeneration of water tables while filtering oils, heavy metals, and bit-products of the environment. They are also a great application for those who have met or need to decrease their impervious property limits. Permeable pavers are recognized by Federal, State, and Local governments as a Storm Water Management Best Management Practice or BMP.

There are two main competitors to permeable pavers. These are Pervious concrete pavement and Porous asphalt pavement. In comparison they may cost less initially but can cost more over their life.

Pervious concrete requires cast in place construction which may yield varying concrete quality. On-site control of water/cement content is critical to the lifetime performance. It requires a seven day cure time prior to traffic and has a strength of 2,500 to 4,000 psi. Also, de-icing chemicals are not recommended and saturation when frozen may damage the concrete. Plastic or rubber snow plow blades are recommended.

With Porous as halt the mix temperature on site is critical to the lifetime performance. It requires a 24 cure time prior to traffic. Liquid de-icing materials are recommended and saturation when frozen may damage the asphalt. You may not seal this type of asphalt as it would lose it's infiltration ability.

The benefits of Permeable pavers over these two are many. Manufactured units provided consisten quality. The system can be installed in freezing temperatures and is immediately ready for traffic upon completion. Permeable pavers have a strength of 8,000 psi. They have a high freeze-thaw and deicing salt resistance. Water in the system does not freeze and heave. In contrast to concrete and asphalt, complete saturation when frozen will not damage the system. When snow melts it immediately drains which reduces ice hazards. Permeable pavers accept normal snow plowing equipment and requires less de-icing materials. There is no comparison aesthetically between Permeable pavers and the two competitors. There is a wide range of colors, shapes, and textures available.

Driftwood Lawn Care and Landscaping is a Permeable paver Authorized contractor through EP Henry. Our goal is to provide sustainable and environmentally beneficial services to our clients.

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